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Win For NSW Residents with Solar Power

Archived News, Posted on 07 Jun 2011

NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell may or may not have seen sense, but he certainly saw the numbers: It became clear that the cross-party members (the Christian Democrats and the Shooters and Fishers parties delightfully dubbed "Guns'n'Moses") were unlikely to support a retrospective cut to the state’s solar bonus scheme, and the Premier has now conceded that the blow-out in costs was not as bad as his government had made out. So he has dumped plans to cut the rates for existing rooftop PV installations from 60c/kWh to 40c/kWh, and will allow late applicants to still claim the 20c/kWh rate.

The industry, which has pushed so hard to stop the changes and to try and create some sensible and sustainable policy measures, is delighted. “It’s a big win for solar in NSW, and it’s a big win for solar in Australia," said John Grimes, the head of the Australian Solar Energy Society. “The people have spoken and they want a solar future.”

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