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Energy Storage in a Bag

Archived News, Posted on 22 Jun 2011

A US start-up called Bright Energy Storage Technologies has come up with a conceptually simple, but seemingly bizarre, idea of storing up to one gigawatt of energy at low cost in a giant bag positioned on the sea floor. According to Greentech Media, the technology is based around a long, flexible polymer/glass bag shaped like a giant sea cucumber. “One end of the bag is attached to an air hose on the surface,” the report says. “The other end is open to the sea. Sand from the sea floor anchors the open end of the tube to a sand flat 140 meters below the surface. To store energy, generators on shore will compress air and funnel it to the bag. While some air can bubble out the open end if overfilled, the majority of it stays inside, in the same way air stays in the upside down glass or when you blow into a straw.” Bight Energy says this storage system could deliver energy at 2.5 cents to 6 cents per kilowatt hour, much less than other storage systems. “We design for no moving parts and no metal,” chief technology officer Brian Von Herzen told Greentech Media. “Sand at the sea floor is 100 times less expensive than steel. It is free at the bottom of the ocean. The main expenses for the ballast are the permit and installation.” The company will conduct a trial later this year.

Climate Spectator 22.6.2011

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