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April Newspaper Editorial - Gold Coast Bulletin

Archived News, Posted on 21 May 2010

THE solar-power industry is currently at the precipice of a global change to renewable energies says Future Sustainability’s Patrick Morrissey.

Mr Morrissey said Australia was leading the way in this change to environmentally and financially sustainable energy systems.

“There are rebates and incentives currently available, so the time to move into solar energy has never been better,” he said.
“Adding a solar-power system to your home is the most effective way of generating capital value for your home.
“You will reduce electricity bills and in some cases generate an income for yourself.”

With so many solar companies in Australia, Mr Morrissey said consumers need to be careful they don’t get taken for a ride.
“As one of Australia’s leading solar-power companies, we’re urging buyers to ensure that when buying a solar-power system all warranties are backed by a reputable ASX-listed Australian-owned company,” he said.

“You need to ensure that your panels are independently tested by a National Association of Testing Authority (NATA) testing facility, to ensure the manufacture is of a high quality in terms of electricity output and the durability of your system.”

Future Sustainability will visit a client’s home delivering the information buyers need to know about solar power.

Mr Morrissey said Australia was one of the sunniest countries on earth and people have the potential to generate their own electricity with no carbon emissions in the production of that electricity.
“Take care of your future generations by investing in solar power today.”

For more information go to www.futuresustainability.com.au

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