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LG Electronics Solar Power Panels

LG Electronics have spent over 25 years on Research and Development to produce their high performance, affordable solar power panels.  LG has been manufacturing electrical goods since the 1950's, and manufacture their panels in a vertically integrated automated facility in Gumi South Korea.  Black framed monocrystalline panels are aesthetically pleasing as much as they are high performing.  Warranty is provided by LG in each state of Australia, ensuring the continuing performance of your solar system for 25 years +.  

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⇒ 250 watt monocrystalline solar modules 
⇒ Manufactured in a fully automated manufacturing facility

⇒ Positive tolerance only panel  - getting what you paid for and more return on your investment
⇒ Most advanced, stringent testing in the solar industry

⇒ Drip holes in panel frame to ensure all rain water is expelled
⇒ Tempered glass to ensure excellent performance in the harshest of Australian weather

⇒ 97% power guarentee for the entire first year your, no more than .7% reduction in power every year there after until year 25, labour and freight components within your transferrable LG solar Power Panel Warranty
⇒ LG are the only subsidiary TUV and LU certified testing facilities, testament to their stringent quality control procedure

⇒ LG provide warranty support for 25 years in every State of Australia ensuring that you have a reputable true warranty service and return on investment 



LG Mono X Image


6kW panels

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