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• Who designs my system?

All Future Sustainability’s Grid Connect Solar Power Systems are designed by our professional Sustainability Consultants and our Clean Energy Council / BCSE accredited installers. 

• Is the designer accredited by the Clean Energy Council (not just the installer)?

Yes, furthermore when the installer goes to complete your install he will confirm the design with you.

• How many systems have you installed?

Future Sustainability have installed thousands of solar power panels in South East Queensland. We have many happy customers who you can speak directly to you, just ask.

• Who does the electrical hook-up to the grid?

Our accredited installer will connect the system to your existing electrical supply. In Queensland Energex or Ergon will install a Smart Meter within two to four weeks after Installation.  In NSW you will be supplied with a second quote for the installation of your bidirectional meter. This meter will be installed after your system has been installed, once Future Sustainability receives this meter from Country Energy.

• What is the Smart Meter Process?

Once we have received a deposit for your system, we make contact with Energex / Ergon, informing them that of the specific Solar Power system to be installed. Energex / Ergon will then mail you an information pack, you are required to fill in a document within the information pack and send it back to Energex / Ergon. Once your system is installed, we then inform Energex / Ergon that your system is installed and ready for a smart meter installation or configuration. You need to ensure that you send your document to Energex / Ergon that is contained in your information pack. If you do not do this, the whole process will stop.

• Does the price quoted include all the necessary metering changes and paperwork for my local electricity supplier?

Yes, in Queensland you will receive one quote form, which encompasses all necessary paper work. In NSW you will receive a second invoice at the time of your solar power quote, for the cost of installing your Bi-directional meter.

• Can you provide me with references in my area?

Yes, just ask us!! We have many satisfied customers who have had our Solar Power Systems and Solar Hot Water Systems installed and are reaping the benefits. Alternatively go to our testimonials page to read about many of our happy customers.

• How will I know if my system is performing to it’s maximum potential on a day to day basis?

Prior to your purchase one of our Sustainability Consultants will discuss your expected solar electricity generation from your solar system Our Sustainability Consultants take into account the Pitch/Plane (eg.20 degree), Direction/Azimuth (eg. True North) of your solar array(s) so you understand how much electricity you should espect from your system. When your solar power system is installed, your inverter will have a display screen on it where you can assess your systems solar generation.

• Do you handle all the rebate paperwork for me so I just have to pay the difference?

Yes, for your Solar Power System, we handle all the REC (STC) rebate paperwork.

• What is the lead time from my payment to getting electricity from the panels?

Future Sustainability is proud of our very quick turn-around time from receiving your deposit, we ensure that your solar power system is installed quickly, our Electrical Supervisor will ensure you are contacted to book a day for installation.  Future Sustainability has one of the quickest installation times in the Solar Industry, installed by Clean Energy Council Accredited Master Electricians.

• Do you give an accurate estimation of system production with your quotes?

One of our Sustainability Consultants, will sit down with you prior to your purchase and discuss with you your current electricity use and using our solar calculator will show you what different sized solar power systems can do for you, so that you have a solar system totally tailored to your needs.

• Does the roof mounting system lift the Solar Panels off my roof?

Yes, your solar power panels will sit approximately 40mm off your roof, this allows airflow under your solar panels to lower the temperature of your panels, which maintains the panels high efficiency. It also allows rainwater to flow under your panels so you have no chance of water backfilling into your ceiling cavity through gaps in your tiles. Our roof mounting racking system is built and tested to cyclone grade 3!

• What performance guarantees do I get for the system as a whole?

Your Solar Panels are guaranteed and warranted to perform at (a.) LG: 90% for the first 12 years and at 80% for years 13-25 (b.) Hyundai Heavy Industries; 90% for the first 10 years and at 80% for years 11-25.  Your warranty is backed by the Manafacturers direct support based here in Australia. Future Sustainability only use manafacturers you can trust such as LG Electronics Solar Panels or Hyundai Heavy Industries Solar Panels.  Your Grid Connect Inverter is gauranteed and warranted from 5 - 25 years depending on your Inverter Warranty choice.  Your warranty is backed by the Manafacturers direct support based here in Australia. Future Sustainability only use manafacturers you can trust such as Power One Inverters & SMA Inverter.    

• What are the warranties on the Panels and the Inverters?

LG Electronics Solar Power Panels & Hyundai Solar Power Panels come with the most secure warranties in Australia. Our LG Solar Panels and Hyundai Solar Panels have 5 - 10 year product warranties. Our Inverters have the longest warranties in the Australian market ranging from 5 - 25 years!

• Which guarantees/warranties are your responsibility and which are the manufacturer's?

All product and performance warranties on LG Solar Panels & Hyundai Solar Power Panels are backed by the manafacturer.  Future Sustainability provide you with the added security of a 5 year installation warranty.

• How do the REC's (STC's) work?

Ask your Sustainability Consultant for some information. Otherwise visit ORER (Office of Renewable Energy Regulators) web page. 

• Can the system be expanded in the future?

Your Solar Power System can be tailored to exactly what you want. If you purchase a smaller system you can purchase a larger Inverter initially, then when you are ready, you can install additional panels.

• Do I need to maintain my solar power panels?

Your panels are required to be free from debris and excessive dust and dirt to ensure optimum operation. It is recommended that your panels, inverter and other system components are inspected from time to time. If excessive amaounts of dirt are observed then the panels should be cleaned. To clean your panels a light spray from your garden hose may be adequate. If your system requires someone to climb on your roof ensure that a professional is used when required. If the panels are excessively dirty then it is recommended that a soft bristle brush be used to remove any deposits.

Where can I go for further information?

Contact one of our Future Sustainability Consultants... talk to Future Sustainability today - your secure name in Solar Power

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